Palestinian Loss of Land

This Image may explain a little of why the Israelis are experiencing some backlash. They have clearly stolen, and destroyed Palestinian homes, and lands as they continue to unlawfully invade, and impose their rule on land that was never theirs. What would you do, if your homeland was slowly being stolen right from under you?


3 responses to “Palestinian Loss of Land

  1. The problems with this post are far and many –
    The graphics are misleading . . . Do you purport that the large swaths of the Negev, sparsely inhabited – and with that, by Bedouins – was taken from the Palestinians? There was nothing there! It is due entirely to Israeli ingenuity that the desert has bloomed.

    When the division was made let us not forget that Transjordan was hewn from the Palistinian mandate as land for the Arabs.

    From whence came the land gain of 1967? Due to Israeli victories over repeated Arab aggression!

    As to your commentary . . . Where can one infer from the home that Palestinian homes were destroyed? Perhaps they were, perhaps they weren’t . . . thats another debate. Your map, however, shows no proof.
    What of the 700 Jews forced to flee their ancestral homes and property in Hebron after 67 of their brethren were murdered by Palestinians in 1929?
    No one forced the Palestinians to run away in 1948 – they were encouraged to do so by the various attacking governments, with promises that the fledgling nation of Israel would be wiped of the map – the Jews forced into the sea. They were played as pawns and kept as refugees, a horrible tragedy, but one played out upon them by their own leaders.

    You ask “What would you do, if your homeland was slowly being stolen right from under you?”
    Whatever the case, it would never be an excuse to commit acts of terror, to murder and to maim! Come now! Such acts have not place amongst human-beings. There is no justifiable excuse for such actions!

    Your URL is about Peace in the Middle east . . . but you seem to only apologize for violence.

  2. Whether the pictures are misleading or not… If you start your discussion at 1948 or 1967, there will never be peace. You need to talk about today and not what is becoming ancient history filled with wrongs (to both sides) that can never be fully righted.

    Get on with it.

  3. Unfortunately the graphic image for this posting doesnt display on my computer. From the title and 2 previous comments I am struggling to see how the very people you want and need in order to have peace in the Middle East will be encouraged to do so because you are attacking them for their actions. There are all kinds of wrongs which have been done and I suspect that no-one can be blameless. I can only reinforce the previous poster YOU NEED TO TALK ABOUT TODAY AND NOT WHAT IS BECOMING ANCIENT HISTORY

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