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Palestinian Loss of Land

This Image may explain a little of why the Israelis are experiencing some backlash. They have clearly stolen, and destroyed Palestinian homes, and lands as they continue to unlawfully invade, and impose their rule on land that was never theirs. What would you do, if your homeland was slowly being stolen right from under you?


Welcome to Peace In The Middle East

Welcome to Peace In The Middle East. In 2009, we as a society are sufficiently mature, mobile, intelligent, and capable and competent to come together, and use the tools of the Internet to create a difference in this world. I believe that it’s time we harnessed these tools for something more than just our own self-serving needs. It’s about time we created peace in the Middle East. The humanitarian crisis has gone on long enough. It is unfair on people of all races, of all religions, and of all beliefs, to be allowed to, or to have to live in fear, or terror. If our governments of the world can step into, and intervene in political crises in countries such as Afghanistan, and Iraq, where their intervention was not wanted, by so many in the world, it is only fair that we should force the governments, and politicians who we fund, and support, through our global taxes, to start intervening directly in the Israel-Palestine situation. Without some serious pressure from the international community, including imposing trade sanctions, and restricting the supply of anything but necessary food, and medical supplies, until this conflict is peacefully resolved, we will continue to see people being killed unnecessarily.

I believe the time to end this is now. The year to end this is 2009. If we cannot take the time away from our own lives, to intervene when and where it matters, how much longer is the world going to continue to tolerate abuses of basic human rights on an ongoing basis?? I aim to use this blog, our facebook group , Twitter, and any other online tools, to help engage people in the conversation for peace.

Let’s do all we can to re-inforce, and make practical, and real, a peace in the middle east in 2009. I invite you to let me know, of anything, and everything that you believe can help create a lasting peace in the Middle East, or help support the process, and I will gladly share as best I can everything that is sent in.

Leave your details in the comments below, and I’ll be in touch 😉

Praying, that this year we can finally bring peace to the middle east. Let’s slowly start to tap the social web, for something more meaningful, and purposeful, than our own everyday survival, and maybe, just maybe, we might be able to make a powerful difference in the world.

With prayers for peace, love, and a desire for humanity to finally realise that what we do to others, we do to ourselves, let’s make 2009, the year we finally bring peace to the world.